Rock Enterprises Construction operates in 4 distinct divisions within our organization:

Mechanical Construction

Roofing Construction

Solar and Electrical Construction

Commercial, Governmental & Industrial Construction



By detail, much of our work relates to the following scopes for varied projects:

  • Mechanical Systems Installations and Repairs ( Commercial and Industrial)
  • Roofing Projects (Commercial and Industrial)
  • Solar Energy Systems (Residential and Commercial)
  • Electrical Systems (Commercial, Industrial and Residential)
  • Low to Moderate Housing Development Projects
  • New Home Construction and Renovations
  • Multi-Family Construction and Renovations
  • Commercial Construction and Build outs
  • Maintenance Services
  • Project Management
  • Site Work and Demolitions
  • Land Subdivision
  • Insurance Restorations (Fire and Water Damage)
  • Additions/Alterations
  • Siding Projects
  • Carpenty Work
  • and More